New HT for $500 - SBS-01 + What else?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Evan:R, Jul 30, 2006.

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    I'm helping a friend of mine setup a HT. He's on a tight budget of around 500 or so. With that in mind, I was thinking about recommending starting off w/ a stereo pair in front and using a phantom center, a sub, and a receiver. I have a pair of surrounds on stands and an old DVD player he can use. What do y'all think about the following?

    SVS SBS-01 fronts + stands - $225+55
    Parts Express Dayton 10" - $115

    That leaves me with the receiver, any suggestions? I was thinking of the low-end Onkyo HT-R330 refurb for $150. Will this mate well with the SBS?

    I know this is a tad over buget, but I'm really trying to steer away from HTiB...

    Any help is appreciated!


    Forgot to say that I have an SVS sub that I love, but haven't heard their speakers. Will the SBS cut it, or is there something else in that price range I should consider? I thought about the ascends, but they're a bit too much, as well as the axiom m2's but those are 261 at the factory outlet.
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    The Onyx X-LS would be the next logical choice in this price range. Not familiar with that receiver, but I'd probalby look at the 503 for $180 at They also have free shipping on all speakers right now and they have the Mordaunt Short MS902s for $199. I use the 902s in my bedroom setup and I am very pleased with them.

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