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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by lenard_michael, Jun 4, 2004.

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    >Greetings the following is a rather long message from a 1st time poster<

    The building of my house in corpus christi texas began 1 june. we are considering having a drop down projector and screen installed in the family room. the room is 19' x 18' and is not being designed speciffically as a HT room. in my internet research i have garned experienced information overload and still feel as though i have only touched the tip of what HT has to offer. I contacted a installed in texas on my last visit back in april. oh, by the way i currently am living in virginia and will be moving @the last of oct, when the house is completed. the guy in contacted in texas, i have called and emailed him numerous times but no reply thus far.

    i do realize that the cost of such a set-up in the low range is @10-12k, mid range 13-17k and high range $$$$$$ to the sky, or something like that.

    i understand what the basic installation package entails, and i also understand that from the basic one has to sorta contain his imagination or the budget can be total demolished.

    i looked at some of the members hardware packages but did not understand some of the more complicated ones.

    What i am asking for is the following:

    1. what would a "basic" package look like (parts named)
    2. the referral for a HT installer in the corpus christi texas area.

    TIA for the help of the HT guru's
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    The June issue has a very nice article describing all of the elements ("naming them") of a Home Theater. There is also a very nice article about how and where to hang your projector with such factors as screen size, seating arrangements and such taken into consideration. I too am in the design process of my new dedicated HT room and the information so far in all 9 issues of this magazine have been worth every penny of my subscription and then some. I would highly recommend getting the latest issue and reading it. You can also call and get back issues of the other eight issues as well.
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    Lenard, you might want to post your question at our HT Construction and InteriorsForum. This Forum is specifically for discussion about articles that have been published in Home Theater Builder magazine.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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