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Dec 7, 2020
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My home is currently under construction and I am doing all the low voltage installations myself. I require some help in regards to the control methods of each device in each location.

Main lounge will have:
- 135" motorized projector screen that has RF and IR control.
- Epson projector the EH-TW8400 (or 5040ub)
- TV on the wall behind the projector screen
- 5.1.2 sound system
- Amazon Alexa Echo Dot for automated voice commands (e.g alexa turn on netflix or alexa play bluray etc)

These will all be wired to a cabinet in the same lounge making all the devices out of sight.

The cabinet in the main lounge will house:
Onkyo TX-RZ1100 AVR
- SKY Satellite box
- Freeview UHF box
- Bluray Player
- Logitech Harmony Elite HUB. (the elite remote will be in the lounge sitting in its charging holder)

This is a localized zone however I want to distribute the sky and freeview boxs out to another lounge and to three bedrooms. For this I will be using a 2x5 1080p HDMI matrix to send the AV over CAT6 cables to the other zones. Freeview and Sat in my country is only available in 1080p so no need for 4K matrix as of yet. Each of the other rooms will have their own localized bluray player & sound system as well as their own streaming sticks etc.

Each device will have access to wired network.

Questions are:

0. Does anyone know of any good 2x6 hdmi 1080p only matrixes? (4k ones are tooo expensive & currently not needed)
1. Will the harmony elite be able to control all my devices in the main lounge or will it not work if i place the hub in a closed cabinet?
2. Is the alexa compatible with Logitech Harmony Elite and will i be able to create scenes?
3. In terms of control what wiring should I run to the cabinet and how will i control the devices in the main lounge? (can someone please explain exactly how many cat cables ill need for control in the cabinet? whether its for harmony RF, Bluetooth or IR or IP?) i have an idea but im a little confused and want to be sure before the building is lined
4. How will I control the HDMI matrix sources from the other rooms? (im thinking of running 1 cat cable to each other room from the main cabinet, since each cat has 8 cores im assuming this will allow me to splice in 4 IR receivers if necessary which will allow control of the sat box and the freeview box) It will also leave 2 unused pairs which i can use if i add anything else in the future.
5. Do i need to run any cat cables between the cabinet and projector screen, and also between the projector and projector screen?
6. in terms of controlling the sat box and freeview box from the other room, i am aware that only one channel will be able to be viewed on all the devices simultaneously. However if only one person was watching and they wanted to change the channel on the sat box from a bedroom does that mean i would need to purchase several universal remotes and link them to the sky or freeview box?
7. How many remotes can be linked to one sky or freeview box?

Really appreciate the help.

Thank you

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