New Home Theater Setup Questions!

Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by ashishmody, Sep 17, 2012.

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    I stumbled upon this forum looking for answers around setting up my new home theater system with my DirecTV.
    My current setup is a Vizio 3D TV (with Optical Audio Out and HDMI ports), a DirecTV HD Receiver (also with Optical Out and HDMI outputs) and the Panasonic Home Theater System BTT195 (Which support HDMI and Optical Audio as well).
    Currently, I have a HDMI cable connecting my DirecTV box and the TV and another one connecting the TV with the Home Theater. I use ARC for my TV audio to the home theater. When I view something on netflix on my TV or watch any directv showing, the audio routes to the home theater.
    However, the center speaker doesn't seem to play anything and my TV does a very weird thing. The volume on my TV is twice that of the volume on my home theater. eg, if the TV shows a volume level of 24, the home theater shows 12 (And the volume is actually that of 12).
    I am wondering if my setup is just too complicated? Will using an Optical Audio cable to connect the home theater with the directv receiver make sound any better? (as I will be eliminating the TV from the loop for the sound?)
    Any help/suggestions would be super helpful!
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    You should never use a TV as a HDMI hub. The reason you don't get center is because you only get 2.0.
    That is why "one-piece" HTiB is never a very good option for surround sound.
    So, yes, connect the optical from the Directv to this HTiB.

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