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New home theater, Audio source/cable question (1 Viewer)


Jan 7, 2009
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Brent Rogers
Hi, just bought my first home theater and hooked everything up, seems to work as it should, however i am confused on a few thing concerning the fibre optic audio cables.

TV: Sony Bravia LCD KDL-52S4100
Home Theatre: Sony HT:SF2300
Blu Ray: Sony BDP-S350
Cable: Motorola Digital PVR

My question is i have 3 HDMI Cables and 2 fiber optic audio cables. My understanding was to connect both the blu ray and cable box to the amp via HDMI then the amp to the TV via hdmi. Then the Blu ray to the amp via optical. (Optical out) on the blu ray to (optical in) on the amp. Then according to the manual the second optical cable should go from the tv to the (TV optical in) on the amp. That being said i dont understand the point of connecting an audio cable to the tv at all when the speakers are hardly used. It also looks as if everything is getting audio from the hdmi cables and the optical cables are doing nothing at all, i set the blu ray settings to use the optical audio but the amp still lights up that its using hdmi.

When watching digital cable movies, once every 5 or 10 minutes the audio will skip out for maybe a second, not even a big deal but maybe its something i can fix.

Could i connect the PVR box to the amp using the (tv opt in) jack with the optical cable?
Are my optical cables doing anything at all?

Any help would be appreciated.

gene c

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Aug 5, 2003
Bay area, Ca
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If you're getting all of this info from the Sony SF2300 manual then it sounds like it (the amp) might not accept audio over hdmi, only video. If this is the case then an optical cable is needed between the BluRay player and the amp (as you stated) and the PVR and the amp, not the tv and amp. Since everything seems to be working fine you may have one of the few tv's that sends everything it receives (audio) thru the optical out. Most tv's only send out audio that it receives thru it's internal receiver and not from an external one like the pvr. If the amp can accept audio over hdmi then the optical cables shouldn't be needed. If it can't, then they are needed.

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