New Hitachi 57F500

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    Jan 25, 2003
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    Hi everyone.

    Proud owner of my first RPTV as of Friday and I've never been more pleased with a television. I have been reading this forum for quite awhile and it has helped me make many decisions about the TV and the other equipment I purchased.

    My first question is display output. I know that everyone says that you can only watch in 540p or 1080i on these sets but when I fire up NBA2k3 on the Xbox and it switches into 720p the set actually reads 720p. Now I assume that this is just the set telling me what the feed is...or is it actually displaying 720p?? I can use the Virtual HD and toggle between 540p and 1080i of course but if I just bring up the info it always says 720p...can anyone clarify on this?

    Further...since the TV is a whopping 3 days old are there any general guidelines I should follow for avoiding burn in etc.? Like how long should I limit a video game session to? Will those little black bars hurt anything when watching a 16:9 movie? I'm currently waiting on the new Digital Video Essentials disc to come out before I make a purchase for the calibration end of things.

    I have turned down my contrast to 30% and the brightness to 45%, played with the color settings etc. and am very please with the picture. It simply thrills me that using a calibration disc might allow me to have an even better picture.

    I wanted to also give my thanks to everyone that posts so much wonderful information here. This place is an incredible resource.
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    did you get a chance to compare the new F500 to the previous model (uwx)? were there any significant differences?

    any change in the stretch modes or physical appearance of the set?

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