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    Hey whats up people? Just that time of year to get a HT system for my bedroom. Not to picky on brand. Looking to spend between $700- $1500 Have had the sony bravia dvd HTiB that finally took a dump. Being that it was $150 (mislabeled at BB) I cant complain. My current room is a 15W x 22L with hardwood flooring, open beam ceiling My main questions and information that I would like are as follows: 1. Which brand 2. Which speakers 3. Powered Subs 4. 5.1 or 7.1 5. Better to go as a HTiB or piece your system 6. The benefits of either or HTiB or pieced units. I know that I missed something but feel free to shed some light on the subject!!
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    1) The usual brands are Onkyo, Yamaha, Denon, Marantz, Pioneer. 2) Towers, Bookshelves, tiny satellites? Wat too many to list. Wander around in the Speaker Forum for the usual suspects. 3), BIC V1220/F-12,,,, 4) You can get better speakers if you only buy 5, but 22' is deep enough for a 7.1 and finally more movies are being released in that format (I think). 5) Piece together something 6) With a htib you have limited connection, usability, proprietary wiring and connections, one piece breaks and you have to replace the whole thing, you get what they think you should have and not what you want, and performance that falls way short of what the specs suggest. With a piece by piece system you can choose the exact components (and features) you want, they integrate well with other brands/products, the BluRay player breaks and you buy a new Bluray player-not the whole thing, many more features and connections that are the same as other components and brands, much better performance. Down-side of the piece together system is the cost. But you get what you apy for. Speakers are the most important part of the system and require the most research. Listen to as many as you can and figure out what you like and at what cost. $700-$1500 is a pretty wide range.

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