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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by Patric F, Jul 26, 2003.

  1. Patric F

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    Jun 6, 2003
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    Hi I just wanted to say hi to everyone and show my HT set up. I'm really new into it and have been reading everything I can get my hands on. If anyone can suggest anything to read let me know. My set-up consists of:

    TV: Toshiba 57" HDTV 16:9
    RECEIVER: Sony STR SE391
    DVD: Toshiba SD-4800
    SPEAKERS Sony 5.1 surround box set with the receiver.

    I purchased the receiver years ago, the TV only last Feb and the DVD player just a few months ago.

    My future plans are to upgrade my speaker wire and RCAs from no name brands to some quality stuff. From there I want to upgrade my speakers and then my receiver. I plan on moving want I replace from my living room to my bedroom like I did with my 36" tv.

    Not only am I new to HT I'm also new to forums. how do I post a pic of my set-up?


  2. Jon_Welker

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    Apr 29, 2003
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    Welcome to the forum, and it's always good to see other people just getting into this like I was earlier this year. I'm absolutely addicted now. These forums are my fix (I know, sounds bad, but the truth). Anyway, if I could off a little baseline advice to you is to hold off on those cables that you're looking at, and put that dough towards your next upgrade of speakers and receiver. Unless you're using the interconnects and cables that came with the components, you should be fine. Even the baseline Acoustic Research stuff at Best Buy would suffice for your equipment for the time being. Cables are a very tricky deal, and you will find a wide varying of opinion on whether "high dollar" cables make a difference or not. Also, for speaker wire, supposedly the stuff at Home Depot is pretty good, and at a cheap price. I personally haven't used it, though. I'd say save your money for the the bigger upgrades you have planned, then take a look at your cables, wire, etc. Best of luck.
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    What jon said pretty much. [​IMG] Leave the cables as is, they won't make much of a difference (probably none at all) on a HTIB setup. Upgrade your speakers and your reciever and you'll be set.

    There are lots of recievers out there that are good, like HK, marantz, denon, pioneer elite, Sony ES, yamaha, outlaw, and so on.

    Speakers at the entry level are often crappy, or maybe ok at best. I like to recommend Paradigm as a wonderful entry-level, yet very high performance brand, because they are amazing bargains, and they are relatively easy to find, and generally have good dealers, rather than the mass-market, big box type stores that sell mostly crap. At some point find some paradigms if you can, and do an audition. I think you'll be impressed. There are some other solid brands out there too that get recommended a lot, but I've only had great experiences with paradigm, and there's a reason they are the most popularly owned speaker on these forums. [​IMG]

    If you've not read the beginner's primer, thats definitely good reads:

    There are also some HT books out there, i think robert harley has a book about HT, i think it's called like home theater for everyone, or home theater demystified, i can't remember. Might be worth a read.
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    Cees Alons

    Welcome to the forum indeed.

    If you want the pictures of your HT in our gallery, contact Parker Clack (one of the owners of this forum). Just send him a PM (Personal Message, you'll find the button for that above any of his posts, in any thread - there are several in the Forum Feedback area). He will tell you what to do to get your pics added.

    Waiting to see them!


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