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New HD TV, a few simple? questions (1 Viewer)


Stunt Coordinator
Aug 29, 2002
Hey guys. I've pretty much settled on getting this mitsubishi tv: WD-62525

Unless, someone can talk me out of it..

The questions I have are that I have a crappy DVD player now, is there one I should be looking at? Do I need/want an HDMI dvd player? And what is this about upscaling? I understand what it does, but does the tv do it *anyway* so it would be overkill? Or should I be looking at a dvd player to do some upscaling to 1080?

The other question I have, is that I've got a friend who has a really nice sony HD DLP and on it, DVDs are drop dead gorgeous, but his satellite feed(non-HD) looks.. horrible. That same satellite feed on a non-HD tv looks fantastic...Now, I do have an HD receiver lined up through Brighthouse cable. Is this something I should be worried about? I don't want to spend $4500+ on a tv only to have the cable look like garbage.

Anything else I should be thinking about that I'm not?

Thanks for the help. Really new to HD.


John S

Senior HTF Member
Nov 4, 2003
On the cable SD looking bad.. Well at best it will be barely tolerable, at worst totally unacceptable.

Just the reality of blowing up that low res to such large sizes. Small screen size helps a lot to hide NTSC flaws.

Mort Corey

Supporting Actor
Nov 21, 2003
If you are auditioning the TV in a B&M store, have them hook up a cheap VCR (probably best to bring your own software) and run a tape to the TV via composite inputs. It'll give you a real close approximation of what you can expect SD TV to look like when you get it home.


Allan Jayne

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Nov 1, 1998
A good TV built in de-interlacer, such as Faroudja's DCDi chipset, that makes a run of the mill DVD player give a gorgeous picture, can actually slightly worsen a snowy fuzzy picture from one of the poorer channels on a cable or satellite service.

Also try the composite output of the cable or satellite box to use the TV's comb filter, in case that box has a poor comb filter that will certainly give inferior results from analog channels. You will still want to use the S-video or component video box output for the digital channels.

Video hints:

Rich Malloy

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Apr 9, 2000
I'm also new to HD -- just got it hooked up in time for Game 1 of the Series!

Both baseball games and the Jets/Pats game looked spectacular. Likewise some of the movies I've seen on the HD channels (Bye Bye Birdie, The Fugitive).

At this point, I can't even bear to watch SD tv.

Jeff Gatie

Senior HTF Member
Aug 19, 2002

Same here. I find my TV watching is now tailored around shows that are in HD and news programs where quality does not matter. If you think the Fox baseball was great in HD, wait till you see the NESN broadcasts next year. They are even better than Fox.

Jerome Grate

Senior HTF Member
May 23, 1999
If this t.v. upscales to 1080i then an upscaling player may not be the real issue other than the DVI/HDMI connection. Depending on the satellite/cable company you can get a terrible picture and with a t.v. that size it would look terrible. For a t.v. that size two things you do want to keep away from vhs and or terribly compressed SDTV. Unfortunately all satellite and cable companies compress these digital channels to the point that it can look bad on single tube t.v.s. Now depending what you watch the most, you shouldn't let it stop you from picking up a great t.v.

Andrew Grall

Supporting Actor
May 17, 1999

Have you considered looking at the Mits 62725? The Mits 62525 has a very GLARE-prone screen. Why on earth companies like Mitsubishi and Hitachi do this to their otherwise nice TVs is beyond me...

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