New HD and DTV channels for LA.

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    I posted the following at HTS:
    I was watching KNBC-DT and Chuck Henry's food show (name?) was on in HD! WOW! The pics were amazing. But the programming suddenly changed to daytime soap. [​IMG] In an attempt to find CH, I tried 36-1, 36-2, 36-3 to no avail. Then decided to perform a channel search. Imagine my surprise when 31-1, 36-2, 60-1, 65-2 disappeared from my programming. I decided to check what channels were now coming in and at what signal strength. As a starting point, I changed to channel 2 (analog), but then found 2 in digital! I continued down the list and found 4, 5, and 11 all in digital. (The other stations remained the same.)
    I'm guessing the channel change is to simplify finding DTV and HD channels easier for new users. Don't bother checking Titan TV. Even they are not yet up to date. I wonder when the other stations will make the change. Here's a list of new station numbers in LA and signal strength I'm pulling in w/an indoor RS antenna:
    KCBS-DT Ch. 2-1 [email protected]
    KNBC-DT Ch. 4-1 [email protected]
    KTLA-DT Ch. 5-1 [email protected] Bonus double broadcast on Ch. 75-1 as "The WB." So far same shows are on 75-1 and 5-1. We'll see what the 2nd channel is for.
    KTTV-DT Ch. 11-1 [email protected]
    The rest remains the same for KCET-HD, KABC-DT, and KCOP-DT. And KCAL is still only broadcasting during prime time???
    Hope this helps.
    BTW, I really like it that the affiliation letters (ie: KCET-HD, The WB) are available when I press display. Another reason for stations to get rid of burn-in logos. Also, since I performed a new channel search, old channels automatically takes you to the new one. At least my PSHD105 was behaving this way.
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    Thanks for the info. I just got my Samsung SIR-T150 hooked up to my Pioneer SD-582-HD5. I found 2 (CBS), 4 (NBC), 5 (KTLA/WB), 11 (KTTV/FOX) and 75 (KTLA/WB) OK. Then 53 is ABC, and 59 is KCET. I also have 42 (KWHY) in spanish. What channel are KCOP and KCAL on?

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