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Joe San

Aug 9, 2001
This is my first post on the HTF (sorry for its length), however, I have been reading the boards here for a few months now. The HTF seems to be a popular place with friendly folks and outstanding information and opinions.
My interest in HT actually started in the beginning of 1998 when I purchased the following HT system:
Sony STR-DE915 receiver (DD5.1 - no DTS)
Panasonic A100 DVD player (optical audio connection)
JBL SCS120 speaker system (5-matched MTM speakers and 150W powered sub connected with 12ga monster cable)
I hooked this stuff up to a 32" Sony KV-32V15 along with a Panasonic PV-4469 VHS machine. But I immediately began to long for a large screen TV.
Since then, the Panasonic A100 DVD began operating sporadically around April of this year and I believe suffers from Optical Pickup Syndrome. I've replaced it with a Sony DVP-S360 that I picked up for a mere $149 after the sale price and rebate - alas still no DTS - oh well, for now I can live with DD5.1. Also, I replaced the Panasonic VHS player with a Sony SLV-N70 VHS player. So now both Panasonic devices have been retired to the bedroom for minimal use and would soon be joined by the 32" Sony.
In June, I went looking for a RPTV. I have been very happy with my Sony purchases over the years and since all my other equipment was now Sony it made sense to me to purchase a Sony RPTV. I seriously considered the 53HS10 until I walked into CC that day in June and found the KP-61V85 on sale for $2080. The HD 53HS10 was $519 more and I do not have DSS or a progressive scan DVD and 80% of the tv's use is via CATV so the choice was pretty cut and dry for me. Besides I figured I could buy a lot of DVDs for $519. So far I've been very happy. I can watch OAR movies without squinting and only a few of the CATV channels are a bit fuzzy due to a poor signal. I picked up a copy of Video Essentials and performed the basic adjustments with the front panel controls and everything looks great.
Now here is where my problem starts. I used the VE DVD on the 32" Sony and realized that the contrast has been set to full on this set since I bought it about 6-7 years ago - ouch! I think as a result, this is why now I can't properly adjust the black level. The black bar on the brightness test pattern never appears on the some what gray background of the set. No matter how low or high I set the contrast or brightness the black bar does not appear but I can see the gray bar. My first thought was that I was doing something wrong. My next thought was that the high contrast setting over the years has altered the overall black level and luminesence of the tube.
This leads me to my question: Is there a way to adjust the black level via the service menu and if so is it worth messing with? I did the remaining VE adjustsments the best I could and the set looks okay. I'm just wondering if I can make it better. What do you guys think?

Steve Schaffer

Senior HTF Member
Apr 15, 1999
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Steve Schaffer
A lot of dvd players won't display "blacker than black" and thus won't display that darker bar on the VE disc. AVIA has a pattern that will work on such players. I don't think your problem has anything to do with the previous settings on the set.
Steve S.
I prefer not to push the subwoofers until they're properly run in.

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