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    Wahooo! I just got my 25th anniversary present tonight, I got a Panny cp-72s DVD player. I had been shopping around for one after all the good reviews here. I (the wife)bought it at Circuit City. They had it for 249.95. I had found it a bit cheaper on the net but then you had to add in S&H. About break even.
    I let them soak us 49.95 for the 3 yr warranty. All of it with 0% interest [​IMG]
    Question, are the Radio Shack Gold component cables decent? I know, they aren't BetterCables but then they aren't 120 bucks either.
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    Dec 17, 2002
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    You made a salesperson's day. Very seasonal of you [​IMG]
    I would _not_ recommend the R$ Gold cables. The ones I have seen were actually inferior in quality to their normal cables. The ends had a tendency to come right off. They have changed boxes for their cables since the last time I compared, and perhaps they've actually upgraded their manufacturing processes. If you're going to give some retail establishment extra money for cables, go with Monster or something similar-- at least that stuff has good consistent jacketing.
    FWIW, many people think that coax cable with RCA ends work exceedingly well for that purpose. (I officially have no opinion on this issue.)
    A link posted by another user in another thread:

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