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Oct 21, 2001
I have had my Sony 30" WS HD TV now for a yr and finally going to hook a DVD player up to it. I have a Sony DVP-7000 1st generation player which has been great but not sure if it will be the best for the HDTV.

I am assuming progressive scan is the way to go and I'm not ready to plunge into HD-DVD just yet. Just wondering what the favorite models are nowadays and I'm looking to spend 500 or less.

My TV has HDMI in and is model # KV-30HS420 if that helps.
Again if my old player is good enough and I won't notice much of a difference then please let me know so I can spend the money else where.

Also what is the best way to cal my TV? Does the thx cal on some dvd's work that well or just get the essentials DVD?

Dave Moritz

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Jul 7, 2001
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Dave Moritz
I would say that a component 480p out on your dvd player is the best way to go. The only thing that would beat that is if you had a good dvd player that upconverted. I own a Sony KDF-E50A10 HDTV and I have two dvd players and nether one of them has upconverting. I use a Sony DVP-S9000 ES DVD/SACD player and a Denon DVD-2200 DVD/DVD-A/SACD player. I swith off back and forth between the two players but am currently using the Sony for watching DVD's. My cheaper Denon's picture is right up there with my more exspensive flagship Sony. But my Denon is newer than my Sony so that is most likely what if performs so well.

If your player has component 480p output and you are happy with the picture it puts out, then I would wait to see if you get a HD player. At that time you will have a newer upconverting dvd player included with your HD player. If you want a dvd player now Denon and Sony have upconverting players that fit your budget. I would take your favorite movies to your local retailer and pick the one you prefer.

Here are some suggestions:

Denon DVD-1920 DVD-A/SACD Progressive Scan Universal DVD Player

The DVD-1920 sports advanced technologies to deliver high resolution video and pure, detailed audio behind its handsome aluminum front panel.
  • Progressive scan featuring DCDi by Faroudja
  • HDMI multi-channel audio
  • Digital bass management
  • Virtual Surround Sound technology
Equipped with advanced technologies for optimal picture quality and high resolution sound, the DVD-1920 faithfully preserves even the most delicate signals. It can upgrade DVD video signals to near-High-Definition images to provide superior picture quality – you will get clear, rich, natural-looking video from all of your DVDs. As a comprehensive, universal player, the DVD-1920 brings out only the best from your Super Audio CDs, DVD-Audio discs and your entire CD collection. The DVD-1920 provides greater sonic detail and warmth to all audio sources for a robust, yet precise sound. With the addition of VSS (Virtual Surround Sound) technology, you will experience an enveloping surround sound with only a pair of speakers.
Digital bass management functions enable you to tailor the sound from high-resolution audio discs to a wide variety of systems – from full-size speakers to compact satellite/subwoofer setups to enjoy the best possible sound from your system. With Pure Direct Mode, all unused circuits are turned off for improved audio clarity from all your music.

$369.00 Retail

ES DVD Video-SACD-CD Player DVP-NS3100 ES/B

  • 720p/1080i Upscaling Video Output - HDMI™ Connection1
  • Super Audio CD Playback (2 Channel/Multi Channel)
  • MP3 & JPEG (CD-R/RW) Playback 2
  • Precision Cinema Progressive™ Technology
The DVP-NS3100ES/B is the perfect DVD player for both music and video fanatics. Its video to high definition (1080i/720p) resolution transmits high quality audio through a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI™) technology 1 for HD ready television sets. The DVP-NS3100ES/B features Sony's Precision Cinema Progressive™ compatible, Dolby® Digital and DTS® 5.1 channel outputs and compatibility with DVD-RW/-R/+RW/+R2, MP32, JPEG2 , CD-RW/-R, VCD and SVCD playback. Picture and sound quality only Sony can provide.

$499.99 Retail

I would invest in the Essentials DVD to calibrate your HDTV

Chris Gerhard

Nov 8, 2002
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Chris Gerhard

I have the Sony KV-30XBR910 30" WS CRT and love it for DVD. I have finally settled on using a Zenith DVB318 at 1080i over component because the DVI connection is used for my HD TiVo. I have several inexpensive DVD players and have never seen an expensive player connected to this display and all of the players I tried looked excellent for DVD in my opinion so it has nothing to do with the DVD player. A 30" WS CRT is just a great choice for DVD. Much larger screens show the shortcomings of DVD more noticeably. Upscaling to my XBR910 might add a very slight improvement but nothing significant. I also have a 720p LCD projector that benefits more from upscaling.

My guess is if your old Sony 480i is still working properly and you are the type that doesn't like to spend money for a very subtle improvement, you are wise to continue to use it. Either AVIA or Video Essentials can do a pretty good job, I use VE, but I find it such a nuisance to do and would try the simple steps available on a DVD. If you want a subtle improvement, the current internet darling at $200 is the Oppo DV971H and I know there are some 30" WS owners that use it and like it. The Denon DVD-1920 is a little more expensive and is a universal player, SACD in addition to DVD-A is supported and I agree with Dave it is worth consideration at that price if you want a universal player. I am a fan of the less expensive players because I find such a tiny incremental improvement with the more expensive players today.


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