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  1. Christopher Collins

    Jun 18, 2001
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    On my pioneer HD 53inch RPTV with my new Marantz DV5200 DVD player using VE and AVIA there is no blooming until I hit +30 contrast. I can see little to no change from 0-29. This was not true when I was using my old Sony S330 player. On the old player it would start to get nasty around 0 to 5. I have been absolutely floored with the quality of the Marantz player!

    Things that have changed...

    1.Dvd player upgrade now using progressive scan.

    2.Set color to Standard +Film. After looking around the web this is supposed to be pretty close to 6500K.

    3.Added backlight to set

    Right now I have contrast set around 25, which is only 5 from max setting. The picture is stellar. I have noticed that lens flares, and bright white highlights now look very defined and bright. The picture is not washed out at all and the black level holds extremely well. I think the picture looks better than ever but the high contrast setting bothers me.

    So here is my question. Will such a high contrast setting cause the set to burn out at a faster rate? Should I lower it to the lowest point where I can see no visible changes for the benefit of the set or relax and enjoy the amazing picture?
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    Yes the contrast of 30 on a scale of 35 will be taxing on the CRT's.
    If you want to be reasonably carefree about doing a lot of viewing with different aspect ratios, with black bars on the screen, set the contrast significantly below the blooming point, or less than 15 on the scale of 35, whichever is less.
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