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Aug 19, 2004
Hey all,

I'm beginning a search for a new DVD player, and am looking for both advice regarding what options I should be considering, as well as outright "buy this" recommendations. Currently I have a relatively old progressive scan Toshiba that's starting to show signs of dying. Please excuse my naive questions, I haven't been paying too close attention to this for awhile, so I'm a little out of touch.

I have a Sony KDF-55XS955, with a 5.1 surround system with Axiom speakers, an SVS pb 12 + sub and an onkyo receiver. I likely will not be upgrading this in the near future, and want a DVD player that supports my system about as well as possible. I'd also like the DVD player to be able to play music... is that a bad idea or would I be better off getting separate DVD and CD players?

I've noticed you don't seem to be able to get the really high end DVD players in multi-disk... why is that? What advantages are you sacrificing going with a 5 disk changer?

Finally, I think my budget is about $500... but if that's crazy, I may be convinced to save longer and buy something nicer...

Thanks for your help... this forum's been great to me so far!



Jul 8, 2005
I'm considering the Yamaha DVD-C750 as an all around player with DVD-Audio, SACD, MP3, DiVX and so on, plus it's a changer, for around $300

Since being a new member I can't post URLs, never seen that policy until coming to theater forums recently.

Google Audioholics and c750 togethor and you'll find their review. Please read the whole thing even though some tests on it don't sound too good, in the end he says it is way above average. Then when he tried DVD-A and SACD it was great.

Also go to Audioreview dot com and search for DVD-C750 to see some user opinions.

GoodGuys seems to have it in-store for $299, but they don't show it online.

I too just ordered a 55xs955. I might purchase this Yamaha to test first to replace a 5+ year old Toshiba SD-2200. If the picture quality doesn't look great I might just go for a Harman Kardon DVD31 that now has DVD-Audio over the previous DVD22 model. Then I'll worry about a CD changer that does SACD later.

Also search audioreview for some user opinions on the Harman Kardon DVD22, there are none of the DVD31 yet.

Also, another good forum worth checking and searching is the avsforum dot com

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