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Matt Weldy

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Feb 4, 2002
I just purchased the def tech pro monitors 80's and a 100 center channel. I needed the small speakers for the rears. But I purchased 4 of them anyway because my store has 1 year buy back program. Any way to get to the question. I currently have all sony speakers mf515 and the cheepo center and surrounds that cost 100.00. I hooked the def techs up and to be totally honest I didnt really know that much of a difference anyway. My original plan was to purchase the set I just bought in one year trade in the fronts for another bookshelf set (space being an issue) or moving those to the rear center speakers in a 6.17.1 setup. Which I would need to buy a new receiver anyway. So I guess what I am trying to ask is....

should I just take the def techs back and either buy a new receiver and just stick with what I got for now and deal with the space issue or wait save some more cash and really get a higher end set of speakers.

And I should mention part of my problem is that my wife loves to hear it played loud (when she wants it) and when she wants it and when I want it are two different times of the day. SO I need something that sounds good at a moderate level. When we listened to the def techs at the store they sounded great and she agreed but they were played at ref. Now at home when its getting late and she says "Turn it down, and turn off the sub" they dont sound so good.

So any advice or suggestion on a set of speakers would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for all the rambling.


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Feb 20, 2000
Have you tried the "midnight theater" mode on your receiver for late viewing? You shouldn't need to touch the sub *if* your system is calibrated properly. If the sub is still booming at low volume levels then it's probably set too high or placed poorly. If you like how they sound then why question them now? I'm sure they are much better than any speakers Sony makes.

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