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Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Parker Clack, Feb 6, 2002.

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    We are still in the tweaking stages for the new areas. Hopefully they will be a little bit easier to navigate through than the subforum areas.

    We are going to be going through the process of moving posts from the general hardware and software areas to the areas that they more appropriately belong in like receiver posts in the receivers areas, DVD hardware in the DVD hardware area, etc.

    Those posts that do not fall into a specific area will be left in an "Other" type of area.

    If the list of new areas is too much for you to try to navigate through I would look into the forum favorites. You can select only those areas that you are interested in as your default forums instead of having to load the whole main page up each time.

    For example if you are only interested in the software area and select only those as your favorites that is all you will see on the main page.

    The forum favorites may be set from the "Set Favorites" link on the right hand side just above the main forum announcments.

  2. Kevin C Brown

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    Parker- I really like how you did the new hardware sections. (Deals with cookies better too.) I dare say I personally think that the current set up is better than no sections, and better than the (too many) sections that we just had.
    And, ... I was a proponent for going back to the old way! [​IMG]
  3. Artur Meinild

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    What about subdividing the software section even further: Specific area for DVD, Laser, etc. and of course still a general area.
    A suggestion for division would be:
    R1 DVD
    Non-R1 DVD
    Other videodiscs (Laser, VCD, CED)
    Tape formats (D-VHS, VHS, Beta)
    General Software
    I think this would better, since all other areas are subdivided now...[​IMG]

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