New Apocalypse Now DVD set this year?

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Gordon McMurphy, Mar 5, 2006.

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    I believe it was Millimeter Magazine that went in depth on Apocalypse Now Redux, when it was first being released. They talked at length about various things, including the aspect ratio, audio mix, and newly added scenes. This process included color matching and dovetailing the footage into the theatrical cut. ...So while it is always possible they returned to camera negatives (which has happened in a lot of restorations) Redux was not "recut from scratch" ....
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    Neither Coppola nor Murch ever said they recut it from scratch. The closest to that is what a journalist wrote. What they did was, instead of just dropping the deleted scenes in mechanically, they actually went back to the dailies, re-edited the deleted scenes from scratch, and also re-edited the connecting pieces to the theatrical cut. They also made some subtle changes, not adding scenes but simply re-shuffling shots at certain times, and some scenes were also moved around. Its much more minor than it sounds actually. The idea is that if the film had originally been edited to include the new material, the existing material would not be exactly as it was, it would slightly shifted to accomodate the re-balance that the new material adds. So while the surfboard scene has new actual scenes in it, part of the lead up to it is a bit different as well because now the balance is changed, ie Willard's introductory scene on the beach I think has some different shots now. But the film itself was not totally re-edited; that would be impossible for one person (Murch) to do, and I think everyone would have noticed anyway.

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