New 37" LCD, Having Problems, Any Advice?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Agent51, Aug 18, 2006.

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    To make a long story short I got a 37" LCD HDTV yesterday, the ProView PA-37JK1A (Specs here: ) and basically everything looks like crap on it except my XBox 360.

    My cable and my Playstation 2 look WORSE than they did on my standard def 27"! The cable looks like VHS quality, with those "lines" that are going through it, and edges and other details are blurry instead of sharp and crisp, and the colors are dull. The PS2 game I played (NCAA Football 07) looked OK at first, same as my normal TV, til I actually started a game, then I noticed that, although it's 11" bigger, the player's name and number on their jersey were just blurry and unreadable, especially when they were in motion. Also, all edges on the players themselves seemed to be "spikey" but blurry at the same time when they are in motion, then they look normal when they stop. I tried switching all the screen modes, from full to widescreen to zoom to "normal" (4:3) and it looked like that in all of them (same with the cable picture too). The PS2 was hooked up with the standard RWY composite hookup.

    Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions on what I can do to fix this?

    My Cable Provider is COX Communications, and I have digital cable (not the HD package) with a Motorolla DCT2224/1662/ACDEFGK digital cable box. I tried hooking the cable up to the ProView TV by both Coaxial and the RWY hookup, but both looked bad, the RWY being the worse of the two. There is no component hookups on the Motorola so that isn't an option, but there is an S-Video (just the round connection, no L/R audio, unless you just use the ones in the composite spot), however I don't have an S-Video cable on hand so I couldn't try that one.

    My provider's "HD package" only describes itself as "9 channels in full HD for only $10 a month". Does this mean that if I order that just those 9 channels will be crisp and clear and the rest will still look bad like now, or will those 9 be HD and the rest will also become clearer (although not HD quality)?

    I can find nothing in my TVs menus or the manual about changing the resolution from 1080i to any of the others to see if that makes the cable/PS2 clearer.

    The PS2 isn't THAT big a deal to me, PS3 comes out soon anyway, but the cable is a HUGE issue for me (especially since football season is starting). When I bought the TV I didn't expect it to make all of my normal digital cable channels HD, but I DID expect the quality to be at least the SAME as my standard def TV's, not WORSE. To me the TV isn't even worth it, I watch TV more than I play games, so I'm not gonna spend $1,500-ish on a TV JUST so my XBox 360 looks way better and have to suffer with VHS-quality cable and poor PS2 performance.

    I apologize for the long post, I was just trying to be as specific as possible with my problem. I appreciate it if you read this far, and would GREATLY appreciate any help or solutions or advice anyone can offer.

    Thank You,
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    1.calibrate your composite connection using digital video essentials or the like.
    2. upgrade your connections-- the PS2 supports component outs, and so should a HD Cable box.

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