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New 18Gbps 'TITAN' HDMI Cables from Tributaries

Discussion in 'Home Automation, Accessories, Cables, and Remotes' started by Martin Dew, Jan 25, 2018.

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    New 18Gbps 'TITAN' HDMI Cables from Tributaries

    Orlando-based cable manufacturers, Tributaries, has announced its new 18Gbps UHDT TITAN HDMI cables. With the onset of an ever-growing amount of video content arriving with HDR, Deep Color, Wide Color Gamut and 60fps, the company believes that the requirement for delivering these features - particularly at lengths exceeding 13ft (4m) - and 'fulfilling the promise of HDMI v.2.0', is critical.

    Tributaries' two patented technologies in the TITAN line related to signal transfer include an advanced metallurgy enabling longer passive cable lengths, and active electronics which are equipped with a DDC accelerator and three discrete internal power supplies. The company claims these improvements make the TITAN line of cables 'the most stable and robust 18Gbps HDMI cables' available in the market.

    Transporting 18Gbps at passive cable lengths up to 26 feet is made possible by the application of the company's advanced metallurgical engineering, which includes a new copper formulation with supercharged high-frequency conduction characteristics, far exceeding performance of standard OFC copper. A phenomenon known as 'Skin Effect', where HDMI signals operate at very high frequencies and travel on the surface of the conductor with little penetration, means the company's high-conductivity copper is integral to mitigating loss when compared to OFC copper. This also facilitates cable lengths that could extend out to 33 feet (or 10 meters).

    Tributaries' active UHDT cables are empowered by a patented TITAN DIGITAL module embedded in the display-end connector. This module is designed to function under HDMI 2.1 with four discrete channels each capable of 12Gbps (an aggregate of 48 Gbps). Powered by a USB cable, TITAN delivers three discrete voltages that work independently of the HDMI source's 5V supply preventing voltage variations from the source. The cable is also the first active solution engineered with an 18Gbps DDC accelerator designed for cables longer than 10 meters, according to Tributaries. The UHDT TITAN cables will also provide stable 18Gbps performance from 12 to 25 meters.

    The company claims it is the only company that tests 'every cable before it is shipped', while the new UHDT TITAN line has been certified by DPL Labs and ISF for 18Gbps performance. UHDT TITAN cables are available now in 6m (retail $255.00) and 8m passive options. Active cables in 12m, 15m, 20m and 25m lengths start at $915.00.

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