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Frank Soyke

Jan 24, 2011
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I often get curious about a show I hear mentioned on here that I have never seen. I'm not talking about the common stuff, more about the rarer shows. I consider myself fortunate in that when I was in a traders network in the early 90's, I was exposed to a lot of series I had never seen before. Among then, The Defenders, Judd, THE Cat, Accidental Family, Bailey's of Balboa, Channing, Love On A Rooftop, Markham, Pruitt's of Southhampton, etc. Now frankly some of those shows stunk, but point is that I found there are many shows mentioned on here that I haven't seen and would like to check out. I assume others might be in the same boat. Here's my list:1) Name Of The Game - Great cast, never seen it.2) Many Happy Returns - I see a lot of you mentioning this show as a want for yourself,so I'm curious. I know a little bit about it from a promo I have on a VHS compilation.3) East Side/West Side - Should make Neal happy. I would like to see this one.4) Eichied (sp?) - I remember it being on around 80 or so, but I must have been watching something else in that time slot (apparantly so were most people)5) Kaz - Wasn't interested in it when it aired, but I like Ron Leibman. Would love to check it out now.6) Double Life Of Henry Phyfe - Maybe it's awful, but reading the plot intrigues me. I'll throw in Run Buddy Run for the same reason.That's just a quick list.

Peter M Fitzgerald

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Mar 21, 1999
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Peter Fitzgerald
I'd like to see these, all either from before my time, or they aired when I was an infant/toddler (late-1960s/early-1970s):

1.) KLONDIKE / ACAPULCO (1960) Yukon-set period adventure series with James Coburn and Ralph Taeger, that morphed into a modern tropical seaside adventure show with the same leads (and adding Telly Savalas), halfway through it's brief run.

2.) BUS STOP (1961) Anthology series, very loosely based on the 1956 Marilyn Monroe film.

3.) DIANA (1973) Short-lived U.S. sitcom vehicle for Diana Rigg, apparently a MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW wannabe.

4.) WICHITA TOWN (1959) Western series starring Joel McCrea and his son Jody McCrea.

5.) THE MAN WHO NEVER WAS (1966) WWII espionage series, starring Robert Lansing, based on the 1956 movie of the same name.

6.) THE DAKOTAS (1963) Gritty Warner Bros western series, that I've heard good things about, starring Jack Elam.

7.) G.E. TRUE (1962) Anthology series, hosted by Jack Webb, based on stories published in TRUE magazine.

8.) RUN FOR YOUR LIFE (1965-68) Ben Gazzara series that isn't all that rare, except it's always re-run on channels I can't get!

9.) 12 O'CLOCK HIGH (1964-67) Another one that's always playing on networks I can't get! I guess a couple of episodes are uploaded on YouTube, so I could check those out, at least.

10.) N.Y.P.D. (1967-69) Well-regarded police detective series starring Frank Converse, Robert Hooks and Jack Warden.

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