Never owned a stereo. Get me started?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by minckster, Oct 4, 2006.

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    I've never owned a stereo in my life, know absolutely nothing about audio, and am overwhelmed now that I'm looking for speakers and a receiver to go along with my HDTV and new, beloved HD TiVo. Anyone want to get me started? How should a newbie compare one system to another, other than looks and price? Suggestions for speakers and receiver welcome!

    Here's some relevant information:

    TV: Samsung LN-S3251D LCD

    Programming Sources:
    1. Series 3 TiVo (HD) receiving over-the-air digital broadcasts only
    2. Panasonic S52K DVD Player (SD) (May replace w/ Toshiba HD-A1)
    Both connected to TV via HDMI. All have optical digital audio out.
    Watch dramas, thrillers, sitcoms, news, & some sports.

    !!! Stop using closed captioning to understand dialog.
    !!! Use the TiVo remote only, as much as possible.
    !! FIddle with receiver as little as possible after setup.
    ! Surround sound might be cool. Low expectations that it works at my price point.
    Listen to country music streamed through TiVo (128bps MP3s)

    TV Viewing Area: 10' x 11' within 10' x 26' room. Very thin walls, floors and ceilings. I have to think about the neighbors.

    Price point for receiver & speakers: $500 - $1000. The Panasonic SA-XR57S is $300 from Amazon. Reading this forum makes me think that might be a reasonable start.

    Thank you for any assistance!
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    $1K should be fine, and I think one of the Panny digital receivers might be a good choice too. Once you are done with that, I'd probably shoot over to HSU and check out the VT-12 + STF-2 or STF-1 package. That, plus shipping and your receiver will likely be just over $1K, but should be a very good starting system.

    Not sure about the TiVo remote, but if it isn't programmable, you aren't going to be able to use it for everything. I'd look at a nice programmable universal remote like the Harmonys from Logitech.

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