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Discussion in 'Computers' started by Gregg Shiu, Dec 17, 2004.

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    Ok, so Verizon DSL has been acting up lately, dunno if it's because we've had people laying fiber optics in the area of Northern VA or what. We've lost DSL for 3 days now at my house, aka, the time before Christ! (1) We called tech support and they said the signal works for our address, and asked about our setup. Quick history on it, we've had verizon dsl for about 2 1/2 years. The first 2 1/4 years we used a Siemens wireless router hooked up to a mac, the 2 pcs in another room use wireless adapters. 3 months ago we switched the router to a Netgear 802.11 G so my sis can use her laptop anywhere in the house. Well, when they asked how we had it set up, we told them, and immediately they said the problem was that they don't support Netgear. What the hell was my DSL working on for the past 3 months- no, past 2 1/2 years then? Magic? We told him that if that was the case, we disconnected the router also, and just tried hooking up the dsl modem straight into the Mac, and it still doesn't work. At this point he told me he was clueless. Any ideas would help guys. Should I see if I can get a new DSL modem from them? Or buy a linksys from Circuit City on my way home today? Or are they full of crap, and it's just the DSL that's down, not my router/computer configuration. A timely response would be cool, since I can't see the helpful advice at home! Thanks all.
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    Do you have an external box that plugs into the phone switch? If you do it should have some display lights indicating what the status of the DSL line is.
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    1st of all, "they don't support Netgear.", yes he's full of crap.

    When my cable modem goes down, the following often solves my problem.
    1. Turn ALL of the computers off.
    2. Unplug the power from the modem and the router.
    3. Wait a full minute
    4. Turn on modem, wait until all of the blinking lights settle down
    5. Turn on router. Again wait until all lights settle.
    6. Turn on your first computer and see if it works.
    7. Turn on the rest of your computers.

    Do they have a 2nd level technical support? Usually staffed by moderately more knowledgable people? Maybe you can get them to bump you up a level.
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    Since you have removed the Netgear router as a possible suspect, that leaves either (1) your DSL modem, (2) the Verizon DSL service, or (3) a PC configuration issue as the problem. Make sure your Mac/PC is setup properly for DLS service, since you were previously going through a router.

    Does Verizon supply the DSL modem? If so, they should be dispatching a service technician to your house to troubleshoot. If Verizon does not supply the modem, then pick up a new one from a store that has a good return policy -- if the problem is the modem, swapping it out should fix the problem. If it doesn't, get a technician dispatched to your house and return the modem after he fixes the problem.

    When the tech arrives, leave the Netgear equipment out of the equation -- simply have the DSL modem connected directly to your PC or Mac. That will simplify his troubleshooting and avoid any fingerpointing at that device.

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