Network DVD going Blu-ray with ITC compilations

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by smithb, Dec 15, 2010.

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    I just got an email from Network DVD and it looks like they are testing the waters for Blu-ray releases of several ITC titles in their catalog. They are putting out three "Stand by for retro-ACTION!" compilations with titles such as Saint, Dangerman, Champions, Man with a Suitcase, Invisible Man, Baron, Robin Hood, etc.

    They apparently have plans to release the "Persuaders" to Blu-Ray in 2011. Depending on the success of it and these compilations there could be many more to come. Since they have 35mm sources these could be pretty good releases.

    I already have most of these on DVD so I doubt I would upgrade, but it is a good sign for future.
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    I'd love to see blu-rays of the complete Saint and the Emma Peel-era Avengers! TV shows shot on film from the 60s do indeed look very good when HD masters are used (Star Trek, Twilight Zone).
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    Unfortunately, Network doesn;t have the rights to The Avengers. Those are held by Studio Canal and are released through the Optimum label which they own, here in the UK.

    Optimum have been releasing new editions of the show on standard DVD - fully restored and looking very good. The downside is that these releases have had a lot of issues - missing bits on some discs, and the recent S5 release every episode had the sound wrongly pitched so everyone sounded drunk on helium.

    They have fortunately done fixed versions of everything, but it;s annoying to say the least that so many errors got through their quality control.

    They're releasing a Complete Collectors Edition next year. No rumours on BluRay, but it's quite possible. The source material is certainly up to it. It will be down to a commercial decision, whether they think a Blu edition will tempt enough fans to double-dip or not.

    I'm guessing that some of the costs of the Blus of Space:1999 and The Prisoner including restoration are shared between Network and A&E. I suspect Network couldn;t do it alone.
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    It would be fantastic if A&E re-released their "Cult TV" line consisting of these Classic British shows on Blu-ray.
    Maybe Network would share their HD prints of these 60's spy shows with A&E so we could enjoy them in Region 1 like the Space: 1999 Blu-ray prints.
    I'd gladly re-purchase shows like The Saint, The Protectors, Sapphire and Steel, Secret Agent/Danger Man, The Champions, et al on Blu-ray!
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    This must not have gone over very well as The Saint has not been released on blu ray by Network.

    perhaps they should've not locked the titles to Region B UK.

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