Nero Wolfe DVD Season 1 set unedited version

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Jose, Sep 28, 2003.

  1. Jose

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    Sep 26, 2002
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    Hey folks,

    I used to watch and enjoy the Nero Wolfe show on A and E. I forgot about it for a long while and then looked it up and found out there was a DVD box set out there. Deep Discount DVD has a great price, but mentions "all customers who ordered the edited version will receive the unedited version as soon as it is released."

    Does anyone know if it's been released yet? Is the set a good one? I'm thinking of ordering it but would like some more info on it first. Thanks for any info or opinions folks.

  2. Sergio A

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    May 11, 2003
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    Originally, the sets that were sent out included episodes editoed down for repeat transmissions with more ads.

    Apparently the sound and video quality was superb.

    You can read about the original release at this link:

    I have no idea why so few retailers are stocking these discs - not even Amazon lists it.

    According to Deep Discount my new version of the box set has been sent but I haven't received it yet (I expect it to take a while as I live in the UK and there will be customs duty to pay etc. which invariably slows things down for large packages)

    Has anyone else been notified that the replacement discs have been sent?

    Personally I can't wait - I thought the series was wonderfully eccentric and great fun - in some ways a perfect realisation of the original stories by Rex Stout.

  3. PaulaJ

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    Oct 9, 2000
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    I returned my first box set with the edited episodes to DeepDiscountDVD and a couple of weeks ago they sent me the replacement box.

    The audio and visuals *are* superb. Unfortunately, there is virtually nothing in the way of extras and the set doesn't include the show's two-hour debut, "The Golden Spiders." Even so, the set is definitely worth the purchase price.

    The fans have been busy asking A&E for a DVD release of season two, and if they do it, I hope it's in widescreen, since season two was shot in high definition video. And I hope they get around to putting "The Golden Spiders" on DVD, too.
  4. JohnDMoore

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    Aug 16, 2002
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    I'd like to get this eventually. I'd assume all new orders will be the corrected editions?

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