Nero users: Maximum or RMS normalization?

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    Hi All,

    I have recently purchased Nero so that I can make mixed CDs from the hundreds I've collected over the years. However one of the problems of collecting since the late 80's is that not all music is at the same volume.

    I noticed Nero has a normalization feature (I'm using I think, the latest one I updated from their site) and there are two options: RMS (root mean square) and Maximum. There's some brief explanation that Max makes it so the music doesn't clip, and RMS does something else that requires mathematical computations - it's all a bit above me.

    Which do you Nero users use when making mix CDs and want your tracks from different CDs/eras to sound nearly the same volume?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Wayne Bundrick

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    As far as I can tell, Maximum means it's just normalizing the level according to the highest peak in the audio. That's not a very good way to do it, since the highest peak might be a single loud hit on the snare drum and the rest of the song might be very quiet. RMS is a kind of average and it closely approximates the human ear's perception of loudness. The RMS method probably adjusts the level of the tracks so that its maximum RMS reading will be at the desired level. This makes more sense. But doing it could change the dynamic range of the audio because there could be peaks that "go off the scale" and have to be brought back into range.

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