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    Oct 14, 1999
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    I'm considering getting a bigger TV and relocating mine to the living room which will shortly have no TV. I currently have a Sony Trinitron 27FV42.
    I'd like to get a something flat and here's where I run into not knowing what's good out there. There's Sony Wega and HDTV wega. There's Panasonic Tau and Panasonic HD Flat Screens, and Toshiba has the same type of deal going on. If I look at one of the HD capable TVs, I look at being only wanting to spend enough to get a 32" Model. If I look at a non HD capable, I'm looking at a 36".
    I won't be getting any form of satellite TV for another year and don't watch enough TV it self to get setup with OTA HD broadcasts. I could pickup an HD box from TWC but it would cost me more money, and my cable bill is already rediculous. When I watch TV, it's usually on at night, from say 6pm till around 12pm, but sometimes it never gets turned on all day. I do the DVD thing as well (of course!), and am looking to get a new DVD player, either the Pioneer 343 or the new 440, which will happen in the next week or so.
    So, what do you guys recommend? Is it worth the smaller tube to be HD capable? Should I just get a bigger non HD TV and when the time comes, go all out on the widescreen HDTV?
    I'm also considering something like the Toshiba TW40H80. There's actually one at local BestBuy open box for $1400 because it has no manual and remote. I know they have the new TW42H81 out so I don't know if those new series blow away the old series, or the olds are still top notch units.
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    The Orlando area has a great deal of HD programming avialable both over the air, thru time warner cable or Sat..Go with the HD set....Between dvd and the amount of HD available also go widescreen..

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