Need to boost your WiFi signal? LinkSys WSB24

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    I installed a 802.11b WiFi network in my house last summer and have been mostly happy with the results. But, there were whole areas of my house where the signal was extremely weak or not even present. While surfing the web a few days ago I noticed that LinkSys had finally released their much rumored signal booster, the WSB24. I ordered one online for just over $100 including overnight shipping.

    (Note: The WSB24 works with all 2.4 GHz networks - 802.11b and 802.11g. It won't work with 802.11a networks.)

    It arrived last night and I looked it up. I have a LinkSys BEFW1154 Access Point and connecting the signal booster was a breeze. It even shares the same form factor so it easily stacks and locks on top of the access point. To connect it, you simply plug it into the wall, remove the antennas from your access point and connect them to the booster. Then, you attach the included connectors to both the access point's antenna ports and two small ports on the booster. All told, it probably took about a minute to hook up.

    Then I pulled out my laptop and went roaming around the house looking at the signal strength. The first thing I did was walk across the second floor to the opposite end of the house. Before the booster was installed, I lost the signal as I approached the home theater and had no signal whatsoever in either the theater or the "projection booth." Now I not only had signal in both, but the signal measured in the 70s. Fantastic!

    Then, I wandered down to the living room where the Xbox was connected via an ethernet wifi adapter. Previously I had a usable, but occasionally marginal signal in the 30s. Now, the signal was in the mid nineties!

    In summary, I can't recommend this unit highly enough. Depending on your house, your mileage may vary, but it certainly solved the signal problems in my house!

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    Cool! I should get one, as I only get marginal signal quality in my family room, which is less than 30 feet from my WAP11. And they claim 100+ foot range.


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