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Need tips to get better cable tv reception (1 Viewer)


Feb 19, 2003
Anyone know of any tweaks or suggestions on getting better cable tv reception. In terms of both picture quality and sound. I'm using regular analog tv set right now so no digital set yet. The picture as it is now on the TV is o.k. Each cable channel has its own color, brightness, sound, etc. It varies so much. Just wondering if it possible to improve cable TV reception or is it what you see is what you get. Filters? F connectors? ground? etc. Advice needed. Help.

Jason Pugh

Oct 2, 2001
Interesting that you brought this up. I've noticed my cable TV (getting it free off of my broadband) is pretty fuzzy and even my OTA HDTV channels aren't looking quite so crisp. Well, I happen to be putting a UPS behind my TV that has a monster surge protector running off of it when my roommate yelled and said, "Hey, what did you do? The channel in here in my room looks a lot better!" Well, all I had done at the moment was unplug the main power that ran to the TV and all of the AV equipment. Ok, to shorten it up here, I THINK that the electrical current is affecting the reception through the cable before it gets to the TV. I've got a plethora of stuff running back there too. I have HDTV, Receiver, DVD Player, VCR, DTC-100 receiver, PS2, Xbox, GC, and the Sub all running on power behind the TV. What is even more strange is that the surge protector had a spot for coaxial cable. When I unplugged the cable from there and ran it direct then my roommate notice the OPPOSITE. The signal got better for him when I turned everything ON instead of off now. I'm wondering if taking the cable connectors (3 way splitter and 2 way spliter) and tacking them up about a foot up the wall (or 2 feet) would help since it wouldn't be right on top of all the power wires.
Anyone have any input here? Ugh....

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