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Need Suggestions for Projector Stand (1 Viewer)

Pat Frank

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Sep 5, 2000
I'm planning to buy an Infocus 4805 this week. With the layout of the room in question, it's necessary for me to place the projector more or less in the center of the room, to project onto the wall directly above the HT equipment, about 12-13' away (shootin for about a 80" image here). Unfortunately the arched ceiling prevents a ceiling mount option at the present time. I experimented a bit last week with a projector I borrwed from a friend, and it looks like I need the stand to be at least around 4' in height, although 50-55" would seem to be optimal (leaving a little room to access the top buttons). But given the keystoning feature I guess anything in the vicinity is fine.

What I'm looking for here are suggestions for furniture/carts/stands to put the projector on. I'm actually leaning towards a roll-away cart of some kind, if it's stable enough to prevent the dumping of my new toy onto the floor if somebody bumps into it during a movie. (Sorry for the ugly mental image.)

Obviously not an ideal situation, but it's a big step up for us and we're excited about it. We've always had great sound but a terrible picture, and we'll likely be moving in a couple years anyway and plan to build a serious HT in our next home.


Oct 17, 1999
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Regarding a cart;
Our HT is under construction so we have our 4805 (good purchase!!) sitting on a chrome roll around cart we bought at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It has three wire ventilated shelves, we put the 4805 on top and to give it a good footprint we picked up a piece of clear plexi from home depot for a couple of bucks. On the second shelf is our receiver & dvd player and the third has 2 JBL N speakers, works fine for a temp setup. I think the cart was like $29 or so.

FWIW-When our 20 x 24 HT is finished the latest plan is to use one of those bigger chrome rolling shelving units 5-6'h x 4-5'w (?) to put all of the gear on and the p/j will sit on the top or second shelf.

Can send pics if you like....:emoji_thumbsup:

Jan H

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Nov 6, 2001
I use a Project-O-Stand with my 4805, which I picked up on eBay for about $60.00. It has adjustable legs that go from '3 to '5 feet high. Works well for not too much $.


Dec 2, 2004
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I received my 4805 last week. I did not want to spend $170.00 on a mount. I bought a wall mount 13”TV stand from Lowe's. I cut the shelf to fit the projector and drilled the three mounting holes in it. I mounted the unit upside down on the wall. I also had to drill a hole for the pin in the main tube. This set up has no adjustment though. I was careful when installing it on the wall so the projector came out level. I then turned on the projector and built the screen accordingly to the picture location on the wall. I built it out of wood frame and black cloth. I also didn’t want to spend a fortune on a screen. Installing the projector and screen took me about 8-hrs total including painting the screen frame flat black. The results look great and I am overjoyed with the resulting 91" picture. Mount and screen for under $150.00 total. I will e-mail you some pictures.

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