Need suggestions for a good strength/bulk training program/routine.

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    I used to do some lifting in college and enjoyed it. Now I have a desk job and haven't had the time to lift or excercise for a couple years now. I'm getting lazy and getting that extra layer on my bones and muscles that I don't want. I also notice my strength is nowhere near what it was when i was lifting in college. I notice it when I play softball on mondays.

    I need to get back into shape and am looking for a good routine and lifting program to get my strength up and to bulk up a little (I still consider myself a hard gainer as I have always been very thin). I'm 5'10" and about 155lbs now but have developed those love handles that I didn't have before even though I haven't really gained any weight.

    Anyone have a good program they follow that has worked great for size and strength?
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    Here's what worked for me:

    - ease into the routine. Don't really push yourself hard until a few weeks have gone by (you need to strengthen the connective tissue). I wouldn't recommend circuit training until after the first few weeks.
    - If you're looking to do well with sports a 'bulk' program is not the best method. You want to build your explosive power and endurance (not your size).
    - do cardio (at least 30 minutes per session) to burn fat.
    - you can do circuit training with the weights for additional cardio.
    - constantly work on flexibility & form, be sure to warm up and cool down.
    - switch exercises every 6 weeks or so (the body can get used to certain exercises, this will shock the system into growing new muscle).

    Lifting (3 days a week):
    - Endurance/circuit training. Use light weights and higher reps. I like to do sets of different exercises back to back (no breaks). For example, do 15 pushups, 15 lunges in a star pattern, 15 pull downs, and then 15 situps. This is one set. Repeat 3 times. Come up with your own fun sets (hit a different part of the body for each exercise within a set).
    - Power training. This is your heavy lifting day. You can do pyramid sets if you want but increase the weight to keep reps under 10.
    - Explosive training. Get a buddy (or wall) and work with a medicine ball. Example: do a bunch of pushups to slightly tire you chest. Then do push passes with the medicine ball. This is also the day that I do clean&jerks or snatches. Form is very critical with these so get help if you don't know what you're doing. However, I feel it's the best exercise out there for improving explosiveness in the legs. To add to the fun, try sprinting up some steps after each set.

    - after each lifting day and at least one other time during the week. 30+ minutes should be the goal.

    This routine is really helping me get into shape for sports (rather than just looking big).

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