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    I recently upgraded my entire home theater and I am going to try to sell my old stuff thru the classifieds. I want to try selling all as one set but I might have to break it up. I could only find a couple of these items on Ebay (to get an idea of value) so I thought I would get some opinions from the experts here. I bought all of this stuff new around August of 1999 and everything is in top shape. I just don't shop too often for this kind of stuff and I have no idea what I paid for all of it back in '99 (except for the TV which was $1600 back then). Thanks for any help, prices and opinions!

    Sony Wega 36" Flat Screen - Model KV-36FS10
    Sony Receiver - Model STR-DE835 (has dts/DD 5.1)
    Acoustic Research Front Speakers (Model 318PS)
    Acoustic Research Center Speaker (Model 225PS)
    Acoustic Research Rear Speakers (Model 215PS)
    Acoustic Research Subwoofer (Model S112PS)

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    Check out this site for used A/V gear. I would recomend that you may want to sell it on this rather than on ebay.

    Good Luck,

    p.s. What part of Birmingham are you in? Where is you favorite place in town to shop/buy your A/V equipment?

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