Need suggestion On TV Choice.

Discussion in 'Displays' started by AllenLC, Mar 17, 2006.

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    Hi Folks, Long time No See.

    Well the divorce is in full swing and she gets the 5 year old 53" Hitachi Ultravision. I gotta one-up her!

    I just cannot decide which one. I have not been keeping up with the times in the TV technology. I need your help.
    I do want 1080p and I am told LCD is the way to go but need some of your lern-ed advice here.
    I will say I want regular cable tv to look good. My friend has a wide screen and HD is so fine but regular cable sucks compared to his old big screen.
    I want in the area of 50" to 55" with no sound cabinet. I have my own audio as you see in the link below.

    The Audio stays with me. Here is a link to my equipment, .

    Please help. I need your opinions and review sites and so on. Price. Well I have to re-finance the home to get her off the paper work so I'll look at anything. I'll say 4k more or less but not limited to.
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    Assuming we're talking flat panel vice projection of some ilk, in that size range LCD will cost more than plasma. Personally I like the plasma in the larger sizes and lcd for the smaller but both will do well. The panasonic and pioneer 50" plasmas have been hugely popular and rated well, especially the panny. I've had a smaller panny plasma for ~6 months now and love it.

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