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Johnny Angell

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Dec 13, 1998
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Johnny Angell
It so happens I now have a budget of about $2K to upgrade from my Bose speakers and my Sony 5.1 receiver. I'm looking to go with 7.1 speakers and a like receiver. I'd prefer a color choice (white, probably) in the speakers to keep the wife happy and they need to be small like the SBS-01 speakers that have been recommended in another thread.

To envision the HT area, think of a rectangle cut in half, one half is the dining area and the other is the HT. The rear speakers will be mounted on a side wall and the rear center pair will hang from the ceiling. The front left and right speakers will most likely be inside the entertainment unit (separated by about 10 feet) that has a cloth grill designed for that purpose. The SW will be up front and to the right on the floor, there's no other place for it. The center speaker will be above the TV (which is an HD LCD). I have a Sony BDP-550 blu-ray player, a DTV HR20, a cassette tape deck (seldom used), a VHS (seldom used), and a turn table (seldom used).

I would like the receiver to accommodate all these items and also be Ipod or mp3 player friendly. I think I just want to dump my CD player and go with a hard drive based mp3 player to access my CDs. On the occasion when I want something better I can stick the CD into the BR player.

I'd even entertain suggestions on the best mp3 player for this purpose, though that's a future purchase and doesn't need to be considered in the budget.

Ok, I know I'm asking about non-speaker stuff, but I thought it best to have one thread. Mods, if I'm out of line here, please slap me across the face and move the thread


Nov 16, 2008
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I can't help you on speakers as that's my own personal dilemma. I know you can get the Mirage nanosat/omnisat/OS3 in white as well as the Definitive Cinema's but I can't tell you how they sound. For the receiver I'm very happy with the Onkyo TX-SR706 and is really a good deal for the money, plenty of HDMI connections and connections for your other gear as well. I got it for $550 from Amazon (Amazon is an authorized dealer but not some of the third party vendors that are listed, fyi). You can purchase an ipod dock separately for about a $100 more Amazon.com: Onkyo DS-A2X Remote Interactive iPod Dock: Electronics. Too much info to type out so I'll just let you read up on it. Ipod is the way to go in my opinion and no I'm not an Apple fanatic for all the bashers out there. It's a good product and most accessories are pushed toward their product. There are some download services that don't support them so check into the service before hand if that's your thing.


Jan 4, 2009
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Klipsch and Denon, Klipsch have been the only speakers I have owned for the last 25 yrs, they never fail to amaz me and for the price you cant go wrong for high end performance, there sensitivity levels rule (need less power to make them sing).

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