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Need speaker placement advice for meda niche (1 Viewer)

Vince Butler

May 12, 2003
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Vince Butler
I will soon be moving to a new home with a 5' wide media niche with a fireplace right next to it. It's positioned fairly centrally in the room. I currently have a 42" LCD, so for now I can put that in there with my box speakers on either side. Unfortunately, when I upgrade to a larger screen there will be no place for the speakers.

Even if there was space for speaker stands outside the niche (which there isn't, because one side of the room is open) that isn't practical because I have small children and those stands would get pushed over in about three seconds.

So, does anyone have any advice about replacement speakers that can utilize the space better to allow for a larger screen? I have three options that I can think of, but I'm no sound expert so I'm not sure thich would be best:

1. Get bookshelf speakers and place them above the screen on a shelf, aiming down towards the couch.

2. Put bookshelf speakers on either side of the screen if there's space. Alternatively, I've seen some super-thin speakers that are designed to wall-mount on either side of a plasma/LCD, maybe those would be better?

3. Flush-mount ceiling speakers with directional tweeters. I am using these now for the surrounds. I figure I could replace all three front speakers with these. It would also allow me more space between the speakers than the niche would allow. If this is the recommendation, how far out from the wall would you recommend the speakers be?

Also, a quick question about the sub. It HAS to go in the niche - there's really no other place for it, unfortunately. Should I center it in the niche under the TV, or push it into one of the corners of the niche (probably not the side with the fireplace)? I have a B&W ASW 1000.

I REALLY appreciate any advice!


Senior HTF Member
Aug 22, 2000
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1. I've heard a system like this. Not bad.
2. The superthin speakers will work better. You are in the DIY section, it's not too difficult to build thin speakers.
3. Skip the in-ceiling speakers.

Sub - If you want symetry in the niche, then build a sub for each side or one to fill the bottom of the niche.


Kevin Stewart

Second Unit
Oct 7, 2003
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Kevin Stewart
I'd simply mount the fronts anywhere on the front wall that will give some symmetry (put one on the other side of the fireplace and the second one about the same distance from the screen the other direction -if possible). In a living room, sound's not quite as crucial as it is in a HT (due to the openness usually). I have a similar niche next to a fireplace in my living room. My front speakers are mounted about 10' high on the front wall and angled down toward the seating. Sounds great. My niche isn't even centered, by my speakers are and since most receivers can adjust the sound for individual speakers that's not been an issue either.

Here's a shot of my niche. You'll notice that you can't even see my front speakers in this shot. The right front speaker is just above that clock and the left front speaker is the same height and just to the left of the fireplace. I would have rather placed them a little lower, but due to the construction of that wall it wasn't feasible. Still sounds great (not as good as my HT, but great for a living room)


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