Need Speaker package for parents. What to get?

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    Ok. Well, I don't have much time but I need a little help. They want to spend around $500 for speakers. Going to get a 5.1 reciever as well, but that is another thread I guess.

    So what do I want for them? Not bargain basement, but not top-O-the-line either. Well, the $500 fixes that anyway. I guess they really need front mains, a center and a sub if possible. Going in a fairly large room (14x20) so they have to fill the room.

    They have a pair of Bose 301's for the moment and they can be used as rear speakers for a while. So what do you think? Point me to a few links for a complete 5.1 setup. The $500 is flexible, so it can go over a bit. Also, links to just good mains, centers, and subs would be appreciated.

    What are your suggestions?

    C. Ryan
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    So what are we looking at? $1K for front three, a sub, and receiver? At that price I'd guess you will be looking at the Sony sub for $150 and the Onkyo TX-DS595 for $350. For the speakers:

    Paradigm Titan fronts w/CC-170 center

    nOrh wood 4.0 center/mains

    Axiom M3ti mains and VP100 center

    Ascend Acoustics CBM-170 mains and HTM-200 center

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