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May 9, 2003
I'm moving my home theater into the basement of a condo. Above is the rest of my condo (and above that and to the sides the neighbors), but I still want to make sure that the neighbors won't be complaining when I'm watching movies or listening to music.

First off, it has a hanging grid for the ceiling with 2'x4' ceiling tiles. I'm going to replace all of them since they are old, dirty and sagging. I think I will be replacing them with Whiteline ceiling tiles. I need about 60 total. So, it'll cost under $500 for those. Not too shabby.

That'll take care of reverberations and will finish off the ceiling nicely, but it doesn't take care of the sound transmission to the neighbors.

I don't think I'd do much with the walls, since they are not common with any of the neighbors. Plus, replacing drywall would be more work than I'd like to do. However, I do want to get some sort of barrier sheet/material to line the ceiling before I put those tiles up. Any CHEAP suggestions that will do a decent job of containing sound?

Thanks! :)

Geoff S

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Jun 1, 2002
Make sure the cielings are acoustical tiles which will block out most of the noise, and the subfloor will take out most of the rest. Only other option there is to try to stuff some insulation up there, but being a condo it might not be possible. Last resort would be building another floating tile cieling under the one now for double the protection.

Also if your HT room will be dedicated, why not make acoustical panneling for the walls? Or carpet the walls, and as always make sure the floors are carpeted too.

Remember, don't go for mission impossible here, cause there will always be some sound leakage. But if none of your neighbors share any of the walls of the theater room there shouldn't be anything much to worry about unless you instend on cranking it till your amp fries, and your speakers blow ;) .

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