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Dec 2, 2004
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Not theater related, but I am sure there is expert advice here.

I own a 2 bedroom, 1 floor, end unit condo for a year and a half now by myself. The unit next to me has been vacant this whole time. Well all good things come to an end. A family of 3 are moving in. They seem nice so far and are just doing normal family stuff. The issue is with the arrangement of the 2 condos, the headboard of my bed backs up to their living room. I work night shift and have to sleep during the day. They like music and the thumping bass is what is getting to me. I can feel the bass vibrating the wall. Condo life.

I am looking for ideas on how to deal with the issue, and of course, with the least amount of effort and money. The least effort and money is for me just to move into the 2nd bedroom. It is not connected to the building on 3 sides and the 4th side connects to my house. The downside is it is smaller. The other bathroom is right around the corner but has awful wallpaper in it. The most amount of effort and money is to build another wall not attached to the existing wall as outlined in many of the sound proofing threads here. To me this would also be a bit of a gamble as I have no experience with this setup to know if it really will work. Also would the sound go around the wall - over through the attic or under through the concrete slab?

Most of what I have read has to do with minimizing reverb to improve acoustics. Any ideas on how to keep this bass out of the room? Or just out of the area that my head is while sleeping? A sound deadening enclosure?

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