Need some quick advice on a DVD player purchase please

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  1. Gregory S.

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    Sep 4, 2002
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    I'm considering a new DVD player. I own a Sony KP-43HT20 HD-ready set with 16x9 mode, and a low-line Sony non-progressive player, and would like to upgrade to a progressive scan DVD player. I'm not sure which is the best player for my money. I was considering Denon's new DVD-900, but I've read so much negative about it, that I'm unsure at this point. Here are my criteria:

    - $300 or less
    - progressive scan with 3-2 pulldown
    - single-tray, no changers
    - TOSLINK digital audio out
    - built-in DD/DTS decoding NOT necessary
    - emphasis on picture quality over features
    - no chroma bug (I don't know what this is exactly, I just know I want to avoid it)

    I would rather spend the money for a more straight-forward player with a great picture, rather than sacrifice picture quality for SACD, DVD-Audio, multi-disc, etc. in my price range.

    Also, my TV has a "CineMotion" setting that's progressive scan with built-in 3-2 pulldown - is an upgrade even worth the $300?

    Thanks in advance; I feel that the HTF is the only place I can get good advice on such matters...

  2. Bry_DD

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    Dec 29, 2000
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    look at the JVC XV-SA75
    Toshiba 4700 or the 5700
    and also Panasonic forgot the model #
    I think all this player can be have for less than $300.
  3. Jack Briggs

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    Jun 3, 1999
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    The Sony 715 would do just nicely, too.

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