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Need some PSB vs Paradigm opinions please (1 Viewer)

Blake G

Aug 22, 2001
Hi there! I am a new poster to the site, but have been reading for a long time... I have searched both here and at AVS Forum and have read all the relevent threads, and now I want some opinions, please!

I am looking at upgrading my speakers (Monitor Audio Silver 5i fronts & sides, Silver 4i surround back and Silver Centre 10i) to either PSB Gold/Silver/Mini combo or the Paradigm 100/60/40 combo.

If there is another speaker combo that is comperable in quality and sound, please feel free to suggest it, with these caveats, though. I would like full range (or close to it) main speakers and my budget is $4000 tops for all the speakers -- yes I was planning a trip to our neighbors to the north (Canada) to buy these.

In the audio press, these speakers seem to get equivalent praises, and nothing negative is ever really said... I would like some real world experience with these, please. Likes, dislikes, etc.

I am also looking at getting one or two of the cinepro 3k6 B-stocks and selling my Parasounds, if they would mate better with either speaker. Bright, warm, I don't really get what these mean. I understand them, but without it being pointed out to me, I just can't visualize it.

Thanks so much for your help.

Blake Gentner

Here is my associated components:

Denon AVR-5800 used as pre-pro

4 x Parasound HCA-3500 stereo amps (2 x 350 @ 8Ohms Each)

Meridian 508.24 CD Player

Denon 4800 dvd-audio player

Denon 2800 DVD Player

Sony scd-777es SACD Player

Sony SCD-555es Multi channel SACD player

Monitor Audio Silver center 10i/5i/4i

2 x SVS 20-39 (Serial #20&21!) driven by Crown K2

Blake G

Aug 22, 2001

I know there are people here who have opinions on everything! C'mon, help a guy out!!!!!!

Thanks, Blake

Jan H

Senior HTF Member
Nov 6, 2001
Hi, Blake,
Both systems are outstanding, but since my setup consists of PSB Gold i's, the Stratus c6i center channel, and Energy Veritas 2.0R surrounds, I guess my bet would be on the PSB system. The Mini's would be great for surrounds, too, but I chose the Energy Veritas surrounds for the versatility. They are adjustable to bipole, dipole, and direct radiator configurations with the flick of a switch. They are awesome surrounds, and a nice complement to the PSBs. I don't think that Image 10S is in its league. Until PSB comes out with a Stratus surround speaker, this is the system for me in the foreseeable future (Until I can afford ML Prodigys ten years from now):). Look for great deals on the Gold i's on the net, too. Either way,though, you should be very happy. Good luck, Jan.


Apr 1, 1999
Real Name
Paul M
Both good speaker choices. I would pick Paradigm set - I haven't heard the PSB though, have just heard more good things about the Paradigms.

Have you considered Dynaudio? - there's a good Dynaudio thread going on right now that's helping me out. I was more impressed with the 42 Audience than the Paradigm Ref. 40's, I will go back for a second listen though.

Also, I haven't heard any Monitor Audio, but how much of an upgrade would either of these sets be compared to what you've got now?


Jan 20, 2001
I've owned both Paradigm 100v2's and the PSB Goldi's and used them in the same room with he same equipment. I don't think you can go wrong with either one but IMO, I think in regards to mid-range and low end performance, the PSB Goldi's get my vote. The Paradigms may have been a little tighter in the bass but the PSB's seem to have a heavier presence without sounding slow or doofy(for lack of a better word). The highs are sweeter(rolled off?) a little more than the Paradigm and overall I find that I have longer listening sessions with the PSB's than I did with the Paradigms.

As always, if you can go hear both let your ears be the determining factor.

Good Luck with which ever you choose.

Chip E

Nov 25, 2000
I run PSB Stratus Silveri 's, C6i center and Image 10S surround's with an SVS 20-39PC .....
Sounds pretty good ;)
- Chip

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