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Richard Burzynski

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Jun 30, 1997
I have a female friend who would like to purchase a Laptop. She is NOT PC friendly, I have been given the task of helping her out.
She wants it for Internet and EMail use. Maybe some occasional word processing. The catch is her budget of $500. I told her that a basic desktop is more in line with her budget, but that just won't do, as a desktop will not make for a pretty room. You see, you can put the laptop away and out of sight when not in use. Go figure.
I've never shopped for a Laptop before, so I started looking at local retailers and it looks like $1000 is a basic starting point pursuing that avenue. Online searches yielded some models that started around $750. I also saw quite a few refurbs. I would prefer something new and A-stock for her if possible. That way she would get some user support, a warranty, and hopefully, reliable usage.
A local PC Warehouse does sell some used ones, they had 1 in stock for her price. IBM thinkpad, model # 356x (?). P166, 2GB HD, 24MB ram, W98, modem included. No CD rom. They're asking $450, 1 month warranty. I'm no PC expert, but I think 24MB ram is too low for running W98 and internet surfing, plus I think she'll need at least a CD rom for loading some occasional software.
Can she find something on her budget? Should we try to stretch it to $600-700? Not very likely though.
I've been told IBM is reliable, what brands do you think make for a reliable laptop.
All help is appreciated.
Rich B.


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Feb 3, 2001
I have had good experience with Dell and Winbook laptops in the past. I have an IBM now, and its good but i have had to service it 3 times for the same problem. i really don't think you are going t ofind anything in her budget. Maybe a refurb model or old one, but i would advise against getting an old one. $1000 is a good starting point, but yo umight find something a bit cheaper.
Under WEB SPECIALS at Winbook.com (its a refurb model)
XLi Pentium II 233 TFT 13.3 16 MB 4.0 GB none 20x CD-ROM Win 98 SE $699
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Jul 2, 2000
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My dad's friend has this Compaq Aero 8000 HANDHELD PC thats a much smaller version of a desktop... If your friend has a Desktop computer, then it would work, because it has WP, Email and Internet... Its very small, 8.5x10, about 3/4" Thick... I've borrowed it for a couple weeks, and i frequently go on the internet around the house, although its only dialup, you can find a compatible PCMCIA card for it (NE2000 compatible)... Its very versatile, but alot of WINCE Programs arnet compatible with it as its a newer Hitatchi SH4 processor, and most WinCE devices use SH3's...
But to print and stuff, you need a desktop and ActiveSync it...
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