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    I plan on getting a satellite shortly in order to receive HDTV broadcasts.
    My set is a Sony 53XBR300 which is 1080i capable. It *will not* handle a 720p signal.
    A few questions:
    1) Can a satellite decoder convert the 720p signal to 1080i or will those stations simply not be available? If they won't be available, what's the point of 720p *incapable* sets if that becomes the widely used format? I doubt Sony will let me upgrade to a Grand Wega. [​IMG]
    2) What type of connection do you use to connect the satellite decoder to the TV? I think I need to use either a 5 prong (RGB & HD+TV) connection or a 3 prong (Yb,Pb,G) connection into Video 5, which is the only input on the set that can handle anamorphic.
    3) Since the XBR300 only has one component video input, I also need to buy a component video switcher to switch between DVD and satellite viewing. Is this correct?
    4) One programming question. I've read that it is difficult to broadcast sports in HDTV. That's the type of programming I'm most interested in, along with the occasional movie. Any sports currently shown in HDTV? How's the NFL shaping up?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    All Set top boxes will convert 720p to 1080i...ABC is the only network currently broadcasting 720p...Warner Brothers will have 3 or 4 shows this fall in HD..They will also be 720p....

    For connection right now there is a choice of two connections from your HD reciever to your TV..Component or RGB...Your choice depending on what works best with your set up..

    CBS is adding more and more Sports broadcasting all the time in addition to having it's entire Prime time line up in HD...

    NCAA basketball finals...College football, U.S tennis open, Masters Gold and more...Sports is not hard to broadcast in HD it is just the availablity of mobile equipment at this point is not that great, but increasing all the time..

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