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Need some help! WebPage displaying Weather Data from weather sensors (US Air Force)

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Michael D. Bunting, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. Michael D. Bunting

    Michael D. Bunting Screenwriter

    Jun 9, 1999
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    Just curious if anyone knows how I can go about doing this:

    I'm in the Military (US Air Force) and I'm a Weather Forecaster.

    Where I'm currently stationed (Fort irwin, CA) we have 16 weather sensors (Winds/temps/rain, etc.) located all over our area of resposibility.

    I need to vreat a web page that looks exactly/very similair/better than this following example: (this is the page we use right now - but we need to have one located on our network instead of using this one)


    The page would need to automatically update at a minimum of every 10 minutes.

    The data from each of the 16 sensors, are each linked individually from the following display map:


    Clicking on a location shown on the above referenced map will open up a new web page displaying the monthly weather data for each of the sensors.

    The most recent data will be at the bottom of those pages.

    I need a web page to display the latest data for each of the 16 sensors we have.

    Any ideas on what I need to do?

    Anyone want to do it for me? [​IMG]

    I know this is a somewhat strange request...but I'm not sure where to start. We have tried contacting the person who created the page we are trying to imitate, but they are no longer in the military.

    Thanks for any and all information!

    Mike Bunting
    [email protected]
  2. ChristopherDAC

    ChristopherDAC Producer

    Feb 18, 2004
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    I guarantee you this is generated as static HTML by some kind of database engine. Basically, you need a Data Acquisition program which takes the data from the sensors you have, and then copies the values at stated intervals into certain blanks on a form. It's basically a trivial problem in somthing like MySQL, I believe.

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