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Need some help placing surrounds in a non-ideal layout (1 Viewer)


Aug 28, 2006
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Hi All! I am preparing to wire and place speakers in a game room. It has a few unique challenges in the form of an angled double-door and a long window seat. I'm trying to figure out where to place my dipole surrounds and rears.

This isn't completely to scale. I couldn't quite get this tool to work the way I wanted, and measurements were imprecise, but it roughly illustrates the challenge. The front stage isn't pictured, but that's pretty clear to me.


Challenge #1 (blue surrounds): I don't have a good place for my dipole surrounds (Swan R3s for those with a good memory). I've located the closest I can get when wall mounting in blue. The left surround would be in the correct position, but the right one would have to be about 3' further back due to a large window along that wall. This brings it about 2' from the corner as well. The dipoles are not pointed at 180 degrees - they are more like 45 I'd say. I am not sure if this reduces or increases the ideal listening position...

My two options are

a) Wall mount as I've displayed here

b) Put the left one on the wall as displayed, and the right on a speaker stand in front of the window, directly across from the left one. It is a deep window seat, so I could put up some type of sound panel behind it if that helps.

Challenge #2 (green rears): These are also Swans dipoles, but this time the cheaper R2s. Same angle, but they don't have a separate woofer and tweeter. Again, the scale is a little screwy here but there are french doors leading in that are actually recessed 2' on both sides. This happens right at the corner of the room, and limits me to about 7.5' of straight back wall, followed by the doors. There is just enough room to put a speaker above the door. Here are the options I see:

a) Wall mount both speakers right along the ceiling line as shown here. On the right side, I'd get it at the appropriate position (tho much higher than ideal). On the left, it'd be placed a little too far to the left, but angled inward (because that's my only choice). It would fit just above the door.

b) I mount both of them on the straight part of 7.5' wall (shown as 8'11" here because of the annoying software). It looks more ideal in this picture than it really is. The left speaker would actually fall several feet inside the ideal position. But I could mount them at the right height, and both on the same horizontal plane in this way.

c) I only mount a single R2, centered in the back. I'm sure my receiver can handle this, but I don't often see modern 6.1 systems. I'm not sure how this would work but in theory it sounds like a possible winner?

d) I scratch the rears because they aren't necessary, and my non ideal mounting is going to make them sound too crappy


Obviously - I'm not looking for perfection here. I'm just trying to do the best I can with this setup, short of building faux walls. Any advice you have would be much appreciated - I'm losing my mind thinking this one over and trying to listen (it's really hard to simulate wall mounts in different locations).

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