Need some Farscape watching help please.

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Greg S, Oct 12, 2004.

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    Alright I am going to give this series yet another chance. I tried watching a long time ago and just could not get into at all. I am going to start from the beginning and give it through at least Season 2.


    I am putting the discs in my Netflix cue and I am SERIOUSLY confused. The first disc has the premier and Episode 7 on it -- [​IMG]. Throughout Season 1 the episodes are scattered about like this up until the end where it falls in line. Is this the correct order to watch this show in??

    A little help here folks so I can attempt to follow this show correctly.


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    Simon Massey
    Not sure about the episode numbers but strictly speaking Premiere should be followed by I, ET. It has something to so with how the initial first half of the season was produced - its mentioned on the commentary but cant remember what they said.

    01. Premiere
    02. I, E.T.
    03. Exodus From Genesis
    04. Throne for a Loss
    05. Back and Back and Back to the Future
    06. Thank God It's Friday, Again
    07. PK Tech Girl
    08. That Old Black Magic
    09. DNA Mad Scientist
    10. They've Got a Secret
    11. 'Til the Blood Runs Clear
    12. Rhapsody in Blue
    13. The Flax
    14. Jeremiah Crichton
    15. Durka Returns
    16. A Human Reaction
    17. Through the Looking Glass
    18. A Bug's Life
    19. Nerve
    20. The Hidden Memory
    21. Bone to Be Wild
    22. Family Ties

    And watch out for a problem with episode order near the end of Season 2. Not sure if this was fixed. This is a huge problem because the last four episodes are part of an arc. Just remember the last episode of Season 2 is called Die Me Dichtomy. I think it turns up first on the disc when it should be last.
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    The DVD eps are in production order, not the order they were originally broadcast by the SciFi channel. The production order is the preferable viewing order. The eps flow better when watched that way.

    The order to watch the last two discs of season two is this: first, watch "My Three Crichtons" which is the first ep on the first disc, then watch the "Liars, Guns and Money" trilogy on the second disc, then watch the season finale "Die Me Dichotomy" which is the second ep of the first disc. It was put together this way so the three parter was all on one disc.
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    I'm not going to swear by this but I thought "The Ugly Truth" was the first episode on the fifth set in the second season.

    The Ugly Truth
    Liars, Guns and Money trilogy
    Die Me, Dichotomy

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