Need some education on xbox and 5.1 sound

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  1. Scott FP

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    Nov 12, 2001
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    I'm still new to all this home theater stuff so forgive me. I have a Marantz SR4000 receiver.
    I ordered the HD AV pack for Xbox because I have component inputs for my Sony Wega and I have a digital optical in on my receiver. Keep in mind that I don't have the Xbox or HD pack yet.
    The Marantz receiver displays the following: AC - 3 3/2.1, I'm supposing this isn't 5.1 surround sound or is it?
    I have a DVD and VCR hooked up to the receiver. There isn't a choice for AUX. So could I use the satellite option and assign optical to it for the Xbox sound?
    Thanks for any help. I'm just trying to eliminate any obstacles to hooking the Xbox up when I get it.
  2. Joel Mack

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    Jun 29, 1999
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    3/2.1 is the same as 5.1, yes. [​IMG]
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