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    I have two audio racks side by side that hold all of my equipment. I've left the back slide-in cardboard pieces out as they are backed against the wall with about 3-4 from the wall to the back of each cabinet. They each have a smoked glass front hinged door. In one cabinet I have a Samson S700 amp, which has twin fans and never really even gets warm really. Below that is my Bryston 4B, which has a battery powered desk fan sitting on top in case it gets hot with the door closed. Now the problem is in the other cabinet. There I have my EAD Ovation-8 pre/pro, Arcam DVD player, RCA DTC100 set top box and 3 Marantz monoblocks. Nothing really gets hot except the EAD. The manual states you might have odd processor behavior if the temp gets to 55 degrees. Well it's reached as high as 50-51 degrees. I'm looking for some cooling suggestions for the EAD. Can I use the 12V trigger on the EAD to power a little muffin fan. Should I remove the front doors. I need an easy fix. I'm not really a DIYselfer so I couldn't configure anything fancy or custom. Can anyone help or offer advice? Thanks in advance.
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    here's your easy fix... well i say easy...
    order a couple of these. above each device that gets hot, cut a hole in your cardboard back the size of the fan opening. mount the fan with some short screws so that it blows out the back, and as you said, hook up to the trigger, so long as the trigger is hot as long as the equip is on (it should be) This worked wonders for my denon 3801, which got hot once i put the glass door back on.
    I just used one, but you might want two. this fan is REALLY QUIET. your dvd player probably makes more noise, mine definitely does!

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