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Need some Christmas gifts? I got lots of sealed titles (and more) for sale! (1 Viewer)


Oct 23, 2005
I priced everything pretty quickly, so those prices can be worked with somewhat (expecially if you are buying several).


2003 World Series of Poker $25
Abbott and Costello V1 $20
Abbott and Costello V2 $20
Abbott and Costello V3 $20
Aladdin PE $20
Alice in Wonderland ME $20
American Pie UE OOP $14
Apollo 13 AE $13
Around the World in 80 Days SE $17
The Band Wagon SE $17
Batman Begins DE $19
Behind the Planet of the Apes CE $14
The Ben Stiller Show $18
The Big Red One SE $17
Bringing Up Baby SE $17
Brother Bear SE $16
Bullitt SE $17
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory DE $19
Charlie's Angels SD $11
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang SE $17
A Christmas Story SE $17
Cinderella PE $18
The Circus SE $18
The Color Purple SE $17
The Crow box set $30
The Deer Hunter LS $20
Dirty Dancing UE $14
Easter Parade SE $17
Escape from New York SE $16
Eternal Sunshine CE $20
Futurama V1 $22
Gladiator EE $24
The Gold Rush SE $18
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly SE $19
Goodfellas SE $16
The Great Dictator SE $18
Grumpy Old Men set $15
A Hard Day's Night CS $16
Heat SE $16
Jack Ryan SE set $30
Jaws 30th AE $17
Jerry Maguire SE $17
The Kid SE $18
Kingpin (miniseries) $11
The Life of Python $14
Limelight SE $18
The Lion King 1.5 SE OOP $25
The Lion King 2 SE OOP $25
The Lost Boys SE $16
Malcolm X SE $17
The Man Show S1 V2 $15
Memento LE $20
Men in Black LE OOP $26
Men in Black 2 SE $12
Modern Times SE $18
Monster SE $17
Monty Python Live $14
Monty Python's the Meaning of Life SE OOP $14
Moulin Rouge SE OOP $22
Mulan SE $18
My Fair Lady SE $17
Mystic River DE $22
Once Upon a Time in the West CE $11
Open Range CE $14
Panic Room SE $24
Philadelphia AE $12
The Philadelphia Story SE $17
Purple Rain SE $16
Saving Private Ryan AE OOP $14
Seven PE $17
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers SE $17
The Shield S1 $35
Singin' in the Rain SE $17
South Park S1 $27
South Park S2 $27
Space Jam SE $17
Spirited Away SE $17
Standing in the Shadows of Motown $10
Star Trek 6 CE $13
Stargate UE $12
The Ten Commandments CE $14
There's Something About Mary CE $14
Top Gun CE $12
Toy Story AE $18
Ultimate Gretzky $17
Unforgiven SE $17
Videodrome CC $28
War of the Worlds LE $19
Wayne's World set $15
Wyatt Earp SE $17
XXX DC $14
Yankee Doodle Dandy SE $17


8.5 $24
Armageddon $20
Beastie Boys $18
Brazil set $36
Carnival of Souls $24
Discreet Charm... $24
Do the Right Thing $24
Down by Law $24
Fanny and Alexander set $38
Fear and Loathing... $24
I am Curious $24
Jules and Jim $24
The Leopard $32
M (remastered) $24
My Own Private Idaho $24
The Rock $22
The Royal Tenenbaums $15
The Rules of the Game $24
Salvatore Giuliano $24
Solaris $24
Straw Dogs OOP $30
Tanner '88 $20
The Tin Drum $24
Traffic $24


Alien Quadrilogy $50
Back to the Future set $20
Bad Taste LE OOP $25
Beverly Hills Cop set $20
Blind Date uncenseored set $16
Caught on Tape set $14
Curb Your Enthusiasm S1 $20
Curb Your Enthusiasm S2 $20
The Decalogue SE set $40
The Emperor's New Groove UE OOP $24
The Lord of the Rings EE box set $60
Monster Legacy sets (Mummy, Dracula, Frankenstein, Invisible Man) $60
The Naked Gun set $21
Project Greenlight S1 + S2 $65 (together)
Rocky OOP set $30
Romper Stomper SE OOP $24
The Ultimate Scream set OOP $22

Drop me an offer if you like. I have more stuff that I will be adding soon. [email protected]


Oct 23, 2005
i don't collect anymore, so isn't really much i would need, but you can send me your list

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