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Jun 1, 2002
Hi All,
Im someone who is completely new to all this and need some inputs. I wish to setup a mini-home theatre back home in India and want to buy stuff from here (I have much more choices here). My budget is limited as I am a student and I wont want to go in for something more than $600-700.
Also since I am taking it back home to India I cannot buy a complete home theatre package which comes with a DVD player and the other goodies, as the DVDplayer wont play region 5 encoded disks.
Instead this is what I plan to do -
1. Buy a DVD player from www.220-electronics.com which is region free and multi-voltage. They have a modified Daewoo 9000N which they call as "International 900M" which sounds good, has 5.1 DTS decoding, plays DVDs, VCDs, MP3, does progressive scan, has a vga output etc.
Does anyone have any feedback on this ? I read the reviews of the 9000N and they seem to be ok. Also this is the first time I am buying from 220-electronics.com so any f/b on that would be great.
2. To supplement the DVD player I would like to buy something like the Sony 'HomeTheatre in a Box' system (I liked the HT-DDW840). This model comes with a receiver and 4 satellite speakers with a powered subwoofer. Since it has DTS analogue inputs I can directly plug in the 900M (which has 5.1 analogue outputs) to this and use the other audio inputs for my CD player/VCR etc.
Can anyone give me some feedback abt the DDW840. Sony also has another model HT-DDW830, I could not figure out much difference between them except that the 830 can be configured to Cinema modes A, B, C. What does that mean.
Any feedback will be really helpful.
Thanks in advance,

Ted Lee

Senior HTF Member
May 8, 2001
howdy -
i'm not familiar with the sony htb, but you should also check out the kenwood htb-504 (i think the model number has changed). it's very highly regarded here. do a search on "504" or "544" and you'll see the kind of accolades it receives. i think it's about 500 - comes with all the speakers and a sub.
i'm also not familiar with the dvd player you listed, but if you're buying a receiver that has dd/dts decoding, then you won't need to worry about having that feature in the dvd player.
do a search on "malata" - i think they also make a region free dvd player that has been mentioned here a lot. but i don't know what the cost is.
hope that helps some...
[edit] - okay, looks like the kenwood is now called the 505. here's the link:

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