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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Brian Beecher, Feb 26, 2006.

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    OK, this is a bit crazy, but here goes. I am a portrait photographer and am moving to a house where our studio and home are on the same property. The studio building is seperate from the house and there is a 17x11.5 room that I planned on using as my meeting room and room to project slideshows of clients images. Then I thought, if I am setting up this room with a projector and furnature, why not take it an extra step and also use it as a theater? Problem is that this has all happened very quickly and the renovations/construction on the outbuildings that will be the studio will most likely begin in about 3 weeks. For the past week I've been trying to plan out the best setup for the room. The room has a ceiling pitched from the side walls to the center and the entrance will be on the back wall right side. I am going to have a built in rack for my equipment and the projector mounted on the rear wall, so the rack and projector will be pretty close to each other. To save space, would rear surround in ceiling speakers work with an angled ceiling? I will need a hook up for my laptop running from the projector for the slideshows. I will have sepeate power run for the lighting and the rest of the equipment and will run speaker wires before the drywall is up.

    Normally I would do a lot of research and a lot more planning, but I'm pretty crunched for time. I need to figure out what cables and what wires I'll need so I can get them in time to put them in before the walls go up. I think I'll keep my current living room setup in the house, so I'll probably get a new Yamaha reciever for the room. I'd also like to be able to hook up a video game system, possibly running the wires to the side wall or under the seating for the hook up. The projector I think I'll go with is the Panasonic ae900. The flooring will be laminate.

    My gaol is to do things as nice and as right as possible but since I pretty much blew the wad buying the property, I defineitely have to be cost conscious.

    Any suggestions for what wires I need to have run or ideas for a room that is 17x11.5 or anything else are much appreciated. Do you think placing a sub near the front of the room (screen side) would produce good results?

    Thanks so much for any help and sorry about the long post!

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    Well you have a bit to do, I my get slammed for this but something you can do to save a go bit of money is buy mis-labled speaker wire. Home Depot sells low voltage outdoor lighting. and you can buy a 200' roll of #12 low voltage wire for very cheap. It probale doesnt compare with high end #12 but I would swear it is better than going high end #14 or #16.
    Most of us try to plan for at least 1 sub and if you run RG-6 to more than 1 location it gives you the ability to move your sub or add another later.

    The ceiling angle should'nt be an issue to get them on a level surface you can just make a wedge out of wood and paint it to match the ceiling or the speakers.

    Good luck,

    Also I would read the post "Things I wish I would have done differently in my project" lots of good info.

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    Ditto on the RG6 cable. Run a lot of it, its cheap and you can use it for almost everything in a HTR. As far as speaker wire, don't skimp too much, you are talking about a difference of a hundred bucks from lamp cord to CL3 rated 12G inwall speaker wire. This is something that would be VERY difficult to undo or redo if you are not happy with the cheap stuff. Spare no expense on items you are hiding in drywall...
    Check your projector throw and native resolution. that far away you will likely have a VERY large screen. I'd go ahead and have a PC hooked up to your system as well. Something hardwired to your HTS that you can easily show slides on, you may even find yourself balancing your checkbook on the 90" screen as I have been doing.... this way it is as easy as hooking up to your network and pulling the pics you need off your laptop.
    Here is where I'd save money if it is tight right now...
    buy a cheap reciever, you can get a 5.1 that will input and output Component for a few hundred bucks. This is something that is very easy to upgrade and constantly getting better.
    Skimp on the hookup cables for now. use what you've got, there isn't too many people that dont have a box full of A/V cables setting somewhere. Change em out when you have a good stash of cash. I will be spending almost $500 on new cables in the spring.
    Sub placement really isn't an issue, if you have it in the back of the room, there wont be that much of a difference from the front of the room.

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